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Rap Goals- A 365 Day Guide To Success

You might’ve asked yourself, why did I pick up this book? Is it because of the title? I mean, I do like rap, but I also feel like there might be something missing. A goal perhaps you haven’t hit yet? Well, you will get your chance to in this year-long journey to success.

What is RAP? Well, to me, it’s everything from “Sicko Mode” to “This Is For My Homies.” To some, it may seem like some “YAH, YAH, YAH…”  (Busta Rhymes’ voice), but I’m a believer that you should learn from everything you observe.

From rap I was able to find three major keys to life that have helped me grow even to this day. Responsibility, Accountability, and Progression are my three major keys to life. Take the first letter of those three words and you get R.A.P.

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